Anatomy Trains

Thomas Myers Anatomy Trains knowledge is fantastic. It’s what I’ve chosen to learn. It’s what I see making infinite sense as a lens to study movement through & to observe movement patterns.



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Pilates equipment: Spine corrector

Part 1 of 5 posts to shed some light on the mysterious world of Pilates equipment. Because seriously – until starting this course I had no idea that any of this stuff existed & it took me more than a while to really begin to understand what to do with it & the benefits.

This is a Spine Corrector. It’s the simplest looking piece of equipment (aside from a Pilates mat, which is, well – a very normal looking gym mat) & one of the most unassuming. But it has one of the best feelings in the world.


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Sweet Summer Bliss!

And by that, I mean Yogalates Bliss! It’s been a hot & sweaty August doing these classes outdoors. We never appreciate the light breeze off the pool as much as we do during this month!

There’ve been some wonderfully committed faces turning up to almost every session & that shows some super dedication!

In the last week the humidity & temperature seem to be giving us a break. At this rate, September is NOT about to be the most humid month of the year, although there’s always a chance to prove us wrong!

This pic & post is in honour of the ones who brave the temperatures to keep giving to their bodies. And what you give to your body, it will give back to you.


AcroYoga alignment

I’ve hinted at enjoying being able to overlay new knowledge on top of Acro teachings, & this would involve a sit down conversation more than a few sentences here.

But, to the infinitely brilliant points of what I’ve been studying for the last 10 months (& prepping for, for 10 months before that) – I will mention that there is a crucial difference in my back between these two pictures, & the effect on core, back strain & tightness is crucial.



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Yogalates Bliss Full Moon magic


For almost 3 years I’ve been teaching an outdoor class at Fraser Suites on the 7th floor by the pool. It’s a fusion of Yoga & Pilates & has produced wonderful discussions, debates, bodies, new faces, & students that I would consider friends.

It also provides the most beautiful space for a full moon session, seen here in this vid from last week…

Class details at

AcroYoga in Dubai

It’s been 4 years since I took my first AcroYoga class. A long time ago & a lot of AcroYoga teaching since then, for probably 3 years (& virtually every Friday for 2 of them?!)

I haven’t been doing a lot of teaching in the last 10 months, mostly because of the intensive attention required to study the NeuroMyoFascial course that I’m busy with.

But this Summer I’ve co-taught a few sessions again & it’s been really interesting for me to view the use & safety of students bodies in AcroYoga through the lens of the information that I have now.



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It’s been 24 hours since the skeleton has come into my life. It’s been a month since the pooch, Dyson, arrived into our lives. And I’m happy to report that in spite of some very tempting wool & play dough plotting onto his bones, our pooch seems completely unfazed & with no appetite for learning through his jaws 🙂




Pelvis Presley

Nerd overdrive, perhaps, but I’m embracing it!

In less than 24 hours I’ve gone from lamenting the fact that I’m struggling to cement anatomy elements of the Anatomy Trains information in my mind, to finding a skeleton to be able to plot exactly that in 3-D ‘real’ visual learning. This IS my ultimate happiness right now – it feels like Christmas has come early & I have presents – plenty of presents – to unwrap!

So here is Pelvis Presley, a very generous loan from a wonderful teacher, who is about to revolutionise my learning!




Training the dog is training yourself…

Butter would not melt in this mouth! To be honest, it wouldn’t have a chance because he’d grab it & rip it up so quickly, wrapping & all! Our pooch is named Dyson for a reason – he vacuums up everything on sight.

We’re having faith that will change with time. In fact, many things are slowly starting to change with time. He’s a blank canvas & our habits are what is beginning to shape him, & this is interesting – very interesting.

I’ve never owned a pooch.

I’ve been winging it, & then I realised I needed to wing it a little better, & then I realised that I might need to go back to the drawing board on a few things. And then I realise that crucial to those ‘few things’ was seeing my habits clearly before trying to influence his…

Does this relate to Yoga? Movement? Obviously! Or not so obviously, until you pull your head out the sand!


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Neuromyofascia training in Zurich

My home for the last 3 weeks, day in, day out. Fascia in Motion in Zurich is home to some expert knowledge & a specialised approach to using Pilates to influence Fascia health & movement in the body.

As part of my CPM Neuromyofascia training, this is where I’m spending some solid weeks of my Summer & it’s frikkin brilliant! Every piece of equipment here is what we have to explore to it’s finest detail with some of the most incredibly knowledgeable & astute teachers that I’ve ever met.

It’s a daily inspiration to have them pick us apart on all of it. This information is life-changing, career-changing, teacher-changing, treatment-changing. But takes forever to process & absorb!! I probably have another year left to keep learning!




Yoga Pilates with Kim Aguilar Danoher