Flying the 500

Step Up Walk 2012 at Yas Marina circuit was probably a ‘first’ as an AcroYoga experience…

The Step Up Diabetes Walk is an annual family day.

The United Arab Emirates has a sizable number of people who suffer from diabetes, so the event was designed to make the participants aware of how to prevent the disease. The organizers wanted people to know that regular exercise, such as walking, can help them to avoid diabetes.

Aside from walking the Yas Marina circuit, there were 6 other activities that participants had to complete. Each of these provided more information about preventing diabetes or gave them an opportunity to do a physical exercise. They had to collect 6 stamps – one for completing each activity.

Our contribution? Giving each participant a chance to experience an AcroYoga flight in return for their 6th stamp… There were 5 of us and 500 (at least!) of them! And they came in all shapes and sizes…

My body has never been worked so hard! Essentially, we were just bench-pressing people… one after the other, whoever was enthusiastic and curious enough to try. It was fun, it was exhilarating, it was laugh after laugh and smiling face after smiling face.

For me, the best part was the access that it gave us to Local and traditional Arabs – those we would never ordinarily meet and who would never ordinarily try to ‘fly’.

By the end of it, we were shredded, exhausted and a little richer. My muscles have never ached as much as they did.

All in all, fabulous!










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