Street Art Gallery Opening

Yoga in an art space – my new favorite thing.

Street Art Gallery opened this week and Yogalates Bliss was invited to be part of a ladies afternoon.

Was an opportunity to see the gallery, meet some of their luxury clientele, and to provide a Yogalates demo and explanation about Yoga, Pilates and the benefits of fusing both practices together into a core workout session.

There are moments where I’m reminded that Yoga and Pilates – movement – can be a very foreign concept to those who have never seen it before, and that it can appear to be very complex, intimidating and unattainable.

When we have the good fortune to be involved in these practices daily and as part of our full time work, it’s so important to remember that there are others that are on the other extreme of the scale – they have no connection to physical movement (and quite possibly no strength and flexibility) at all.

It’s not that tough to imagine. This used to be me.

So this is why a simple afternoon is such a great opportunity to connect, explain and welcome curiosity.

Being the one to do Sun Salutes, Triangle, Boat, Side Planks and Headstands in the middle of this space suits me well.

I like afternoons in a gallery with locals. And the gallery itself is gorgeous!



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