AcroYoga: The Mermaid

When it comes to AcroYoga, many people start off noticing the Flyer and wanting to be a Flyer. The base is an unsung hero (and the spotter is the invisible third!). Without a capable base, a Flyer is nothing.

Amanda is part of our Phoenix Rising team. As a group, we offer a range of wellness services. Her focus is Pilates and she excels in the area of injury rehabilitation.

Her focus is NOT AcroYoga, to our deep despair! It’s no longer her first love? I’m not sure if it ever was, but that’s irrelevant – she’s such an amazing base that we really, truly, wish it was!

Recently we had some playtime to work on The Mermaid. And Amanda, like always, based like a champ.

Celebrating Amanda! Enjoy.


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