AcroYoga Summer Explosion

Wow! Just, wow!

Our humble Friday AcroYoga sessions continued over Summer. Anyone who has a remote idea about Dubai will know that it would be impossible to continue these outdoors due to the heat.

So we found a studio willing to donate their space (two, actually – Mantra Fitness kept us until renovations meant that we needed to move. Inspire Yoga and Pilates was then kind enough to house us).

Thankfully these studios had PLENTY of space, because what we did NOT foresee is how many people would enjoy and join these sessions!

46 people. We ended on a high of 46 people before it cooled down and we moved the classes back outdoors.

We had a regular attendance of around 35. This meant that our community flourished, we met so many new people and introduced them to acro, AND we could continue to support the charities that the class donations go to.

All in all, a truly fantastic Summer 2014 for Acro in Dubai!






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