Sunrise sessions

My record for number of sunrises was Brazil 2007 – 6 in 10 days. Those were a little different though, as I’d seen the whole night through and the Samba beat was still ringing in my ears. One of the most special and energizing holidays of my life.

These days, my sunrises come after a good nights sleep and we’ll be witnessing them over Sun Salutes and Hatha flows.

My change in sleep patterns and appreciation for early waking came in 2009 when I moved back to South Africa, started my Yoga Teacher Training, and balanced this with a degree and a fascinating study into local cultures. It was a disciplined year – waking at 5:45am, reaching the beach by 6am, finishing personal Yoga practice by 7:30am, getting home, showered and to the office by 8am, finishing work at 5pm, lectures till 7pm and Yoga from 7:30pm – 9pm….. rinse and repeat. It was a lovely two years.

So now, in Dubai, I’m no longer stuck in an office. I get to do what I love. I get to be a little closer to nature in this very glitzy, manufactured place and to be reminded of the natural rhythm of the sun and the moon instead of the mall, the office or the traffic!




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