AcroYoga – a nod to the founders



Jason Nemer is the co-founder of the AcroYoga style that you see so much of, now.

In 10-ish years it has swept through the globe and brought fun, smiles, disbelief then belief, strength, flexibility, created communities everywhere, and produced heaps of passionate teachers. Most importantly, it’s taught us trust and possibility.

It’s given someone like me the chance to feel powerful and do things that I wouldn’t have dreamed were possible for me, and then share this with loads of others who never expected that it might sweep into their lives and that they could do it either. It’s absolutely transformed me, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Acrobatics has been made safely accessible through AcroYoga and the approach that AcroYoga shares.

All I REALLY wanted to do by sharing his post was say, ‘what he says’. But this week I was feeling particularly grateful to have this practice be my ‘job’. My JOB. And I was thinking how much I owe to those who made that possible in the first place.


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