Teacher of the Month – I’ll take it!

Motion Fitness is the kind of place that is full of personal touches, appreciation, good management and quality teaching. It’s the first and only place in Dubai where I’ve seen scented eye covers (to use with clients during relaxation) and embroidered names on towels. This may sound over the top, but those eye covers make an enormous and blissful difference.

It has a warmth and care about it that comes straight from the top.

I’ve been teaching there for over a year and have always enjoyed these classes and the ladies who join. I’m sure Motion Fitness was made with the aim of being ‘a sanctuary’ in mind, and they’re uncompromising about this.

Here’s a new initiative which is also something I have yet to see in other locations. A lady in the class wrote a lovely review about my sessions. Nibal jumped right on this, created a ‘teacher of the month’ idea, asked regulars for reviews of my sessions, and posted this in their relaxation room.

Not only does this create awareness and curiosity about my sessions, it’s also a wonderful way to appreciate the teacher.







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