AcroYoga Miracle Weekend – Lux SeattleAcro


Who? – WHAT?! WHERE!! WHEN?!

Yup. That’s what we said! And then we blocked our diaries for 3 days of AcroYoga EPICNESS 5-7 June!

@lux_seattleacro is a guy not to be missed. That’s an understatement. I never run out of what to say about him, the only drag is that there’s so much to say!

This is the man who’s influenced all – ALL – the Acroyoga ‘celebs’ out there. 6 years ago, he created Ninja Star and Spider Roll and all those well-known and well-loved washing machines. He’s a co-founder and contributor for AcroGasm, AcroVersity, AcroPedia and working closely with the founders of YogaSlackers and AcroYoga.

Anyone who’s met someone that’s been trained by Lux will notice HOW DAMN GOOD THEY ARE! He’s amazing, he’s coming to Dubai, and here’s the opportunity we’ve been waiting for to step up and bust-out the best that we’re capable of…

Silky smooth spinning, effortless-looking transitions, ‘smart’ movement, and how to minimize the energy that you use to be able to do more, better and for longer….

It’s our chance to learn and experience what’s possible and HOW. Call us or check Facebook to book – 0555520135 or Phoenix Rising #AcroYoga #AcroGasm #acrobatics #dubai #dubaiyoga #acroyogadubai #move #love


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