Filming, though we’re not quite famous!

April every year is when the film industry seems to come alive with the need for Yogi’s in the backdrop of an advert for Dubai. So I feel like I could add ‘casting recruiter’ & ‘cast management’ to my resume – there’s been enough experience!

The reality of it is a couple of hours of hanging around to repeat the same sequence over & over, yelling the instructions for poses & counting down the hold to synchronise everyones movements in a very un-yoga like way!

And trying to stay warmed up throughout because the next day you are guaranteed to feel what it is like to be pushing into your full range in a body that wasn’t steadily built up to that point.

And probably the MOST important piece of information is – don’t get hung up on where you are positioned & what role you are playing. It’s a 10 second advert, max, & we are the background… which means IF you feature, it’s 0.5 of a flitting second at most!
It’s a good ego check to realise you put in 4 hours of ‘pause – repeat – pause – repeat’ only to be a blur behind the main act! But tons of fun none-the-less!







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