Selecting your singing bowl

There was a time when singing bowls were a mystery to me. I finally got to grips with one in Bali a few years ago & found the ‘bowl for me’ at a lovely place in Monkey Forest Street, Ubud, where the lady was pleasant & personal & happy to explain everything she knew about their making & their uses & how to bring the best out of them.

I was sold. There are some classes where a singing bowl feels entirely appropriate & lends a beautiful quality to heightened awareness of sound, vibration, stillness, & noticing your own space &, perhaps, a connection to those around you. There is certainly a sacred feeling that comes with the playing of a singing bowl.

But the reason for this ridiculous photo with a bowl on my head, is because I spent a lovely day with a dear friend & immediately noticed her enormous singing bowl, all the way from Nepal.

Apparently, putting the bowl on her head & hitting it to feel the vibration was the approach that the shopkeeper used to help to convince her that she’d ‘found the one’!

Got to test that out, right?!


A day spent with Nicole… finding a surprise poetry jam in Abu Dhabi, what an absolute, utter, creative delight!






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