Standup Paddle Yoga

The beauty of a calm morning on the water…

I’ve had a weekly water session with a school mum for over a year & it’s hard to tell who treasures it most – her or I. SUP Yoga has so many lovely elements to it & the water in Dubai is absolutely perfect to allow for equal amounts of zen & Yoga work.

SUP Yoga is a particularly fun challenge because of the stability that’s called for. Standing on a moving surface means deeper connections in the body have to respond immediately to unpredictable variables, while still moving you through poses that call for strength & balance.

The secret to SUP is understanding your points of contact on the board, & understanding how you would progress through moves to introduce a new person in a way that inspires confidence to progress to less stable positions – two points of contact for poses like Warrior 2 or Triangle.

It takes a very calm day, calm mind, & connected body to work it onto one point of contact – Warrior 3 or even a headstand (well, headstand is technically 3 points of contact, so that’s a lot easier than it sounds if you have a confident practice of this pose on land).

Falling in? Optional. And depending on the weather & the waves, unavoidable or absolutely desirable!




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