Lux AcroYoga weekend 2016

As anyone who has spent time diving deeper into a practice or study of something that they are passionate about will know, you can begin to feel exactly when knowledge is mastered – true, pure, fewer words, & extremely valuable.

We felt this the moment that we met & experienced the teaching of Lux (@Luxseattleacro) in 2015, but we’d already heard about it via the acro grapevine.

To be fair, you only have to watch his videos on You Tube & Acropedia, or spend some time following the trail of other teachers back to their original influencers… & it would lead you in some way to Lux.

So convincing him to come to Dubai for a second year in a row had us thrilled already. And working through this weekend proved, yet again, that a master in a subject can lead you, in a shorter time, to greater places in a faster or steadier progression.

But more importantly, that a master doesn’t see the need to rush in the first place… it’s firm foundations that will guarantee your quality & end result.

Happiness was this weekend for all of us who are inspired by this body flow of acrobatics made zen! The wisdom was profound. The moves were exquisite. The techniques were illuminating. The knowledge is ours to practice!

P.s – working on securing him for 2017 already…:)





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