Pilates equipment: Spine corrector

Part 1 of 5 posts to shed some light on the mysterious world of Pilates equipment. Because seriously – until starting this course I had no idea that any of this stuff existed & it took me more than a while to really begin to understand what to do with it & the benefits.

This is a Spine Corrector. It’s the simplest looking piece of equipment (aside from a Pilates mat, which is, well – a very normal looking gym mat) & one of the most unassuming. But it has one of the best feelings in the world.


The technique involved in rolling onto it to open the front line of the body are so specific & micro in it’s steps… but the feeling is incredible for the spine: the awareness of keeping the sacrum heavy, the tailbone connected, & being able to diagnose tightness in the body just from looking (& from feeling where it may be uncomfortable to spread yourself onto the equipment, right through Thoracic spine & then lengthening into Cervicals….)…

If this all sounds Greek or more confusing than Greek, then just know this: enormous change & opening can occur with this guy, & there’s around 20 exercises that can be done to make significant change to yourself & your tissues.



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