AcroYoga alignment

I’ve hinted at enjoying being able to overlay new knowledge on top of Acro teachings, & this would involve a sit down conversation more than a few sentences here.

But, to the infinitely brilliant points of what I’ve been studying for the last 10 months (& prepping for, for 10 months before that) – I will mention that there is a crucial difference in my back between these two pictures, & the effect on core, back strain & tightness is crucial.



The top photo has greater curve in the back. No pelvic alignment means no core connection. I’m using my back way too much & I could feel the tightness for days afterwards. It’s not 100% obvious but this was the day & the time I returned back to Acro after months away & I noticed it immediately.

In the second picture my core is engaged. Not because I’m pulling my belly to my spine  (I’m not, & if this is still how you think about core then let’s chat asap for some nice insights to share & feel that will change your mind, knowledgeably & not just because ‘someone said so’) but because my sacrum is aligned over my spine in a way that activates core immediately.

Once upon a time, around a year after I started teaching Yoga full time & had been teaching Acro for two, I was hit with enormous & debilitating back spasms. My repetitive patterns of movement were what caused it, not understanding & being able to feel something like this (whether you are right way up or upside down!).

It was solved in an hour by the right person with the right understanding after specialists failed to offer any insight or recommendations besides rest. So this is what I am studying, now, but I digress.

Anyway. Acro alignment. Core connection. Oftentimes not important until it becomes important. I’m glad I get it even more, now!


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