My approach

Yoga is a practice FOR life and for LIFE. I realised this when I first watched my 65 year old Yoga instructor teaching in 2005 & observed her quality of movement.

My Sivananda Hatha Yoga Training reinforced this in 2009. But what really, really has converted me is personal experience.

I was by no means a natural. Zero strength & zero flexibility! I’m grateful for this. It’s given me a strong appreciation for the journey of millimeters, micro-strength, progressing safely & effectively through consistent practice, & turning frustration into patience & an invitation for change.

Those super strong & flexible yogis, acrobats & movers that you look at & wonder how they got there & how can that ever, possibly be you? That was the question in my mind for a very long time.

These days I look like one of those people – those strong movers.  I have my physical limitations & still have a lot of progress & learning that I’m inviting. Any movement teacher should be able to acknowledge that this is a process that will never stop. It’s fascinating.

If you don’t move it, you will lose it. Experiencing this change & progress in the first place has been my reality.Everyone has progress that they can make – the sooner the better.

As my journey has progressed I’ve become more aware of quality of movement & connection in the body, fascially.

From a Yoga perspective, what you give to your body, it will give back to you – in thinking, eating, & doing.

From a Pilates & Fascia perspective, there is certainly optimal & efficient ways of moving. I have huge respect & excitement for viewing this through Anatomy Fascia Trains, having seen how well this supports & relieves injuries, affects rehabilitation, & improves performance & awareness in clients.

I choose to study Neuromyofascia Pilates – a slow & detailed process – because I believe that Fascia trains are the future of the lens through which all movement will be viewed.  I believe that Neuromyofascia Pilates allows for great change, especially relief for many people who cannot find adequate answers for pain or movement challenges that they have had.




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