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AcroYoga in Dubai

It’s been 4 years since I took my first AcroYoga class. A long time ago & a lot of AcroYoga teaching since then, for probably 3 years (& virtually every Friday for 2 of them?!)

I haven’t been doing a lot of teaching in the last 10 months, mostly because of the intensive attention required to study the NeuroMyoFascial course that I’m busy with.

But this Summer I’ve co-taught a few sessions again & it’s been really interesting for me to view the use & safety of students bodies in AcroYoga through the lens of the information that I have now.



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Lux AcroYoga weekend 2016

As anyone who has spent time diving deeper into a practice or study of something that they are passionate about will know, you can begin to feel exactly when knowledge is mastered – true, pure, fewer words, & extremely valuable.

We felt this the moment that we met & experienced the teaching of Lux (@Luxseattleacro) in 2015, but we’d already heard about it via the acro grapevine.

To be fair, you only have to watch his videos on You Tube & Acropedia, or spend some time following the trail of other teachers back to their original influencers… & it would lead you in some way to Lux.

So convincing him to come to Dubai for a second year in a row had us thrilled already. And working through this weekend proved, yet again, that a master in a subject can lead you, in a shorter time, to greater places in a faster or steadier progression.

But more importantly, that a master doesn’t see the need to rush in the first place… it’s firm foundations that will guarantee your quality & end result.

Happiness was this weekend for all of us who are inspired by this body flow of acrobatics made zen! The wisdom was profound. The moves were exquisite. The techniques were illuminating. The knowledge is ours to practice!

P.s – working on securing him for 2017 already…:)



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A gift of change…

I love to find a relevant & special gift for someone.

Without trying to be too sing-song about it, what keeps me loving this work is that every session I teach is with the approach of imparting a gift of some sort… relevant knowledge (an ‘aha!’ of how something is really beneficial), understanding a connection (‘oh THAT’s what it should feel like!’), insight, a delicious sequence or stretch, or something that is adding value to our time spent together.

So here’s a reminder that you might want to gift someone a session… Yoga, Pilates, AcroYoga. No matter their level, there is always insight to be had about the way that they move & what is happening in their pattern of movement.

How do you feel something better? Avoid pain or tightness? Improve performance or wellbeing through better flexibility, openness, breathing, strength, connectivity?

We can help with that. And an hour of undivided attention & specialised knowledge for the well-being of someone special to you? Well, that’s a perfect gift 🙂



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Your Friday morning is ours!

Friday in Dubai – our favorite day of the week!

Every Friday we’re in Zabeel Park for our Open Air Yoga sessions. These mornings are about getting your flex and stretch fix in a class on the grass – 8:30 Yoga and 10am AcroYoga.

It’s more than that, though – our Teachers donate their time and in return, we ask for a donation of around 50aed which is split between a different group of charities every month.

Over the last 3 years that we’ve been active, classes have grown and we see many familiar faces sharing their presence.

All classes are suitable for beginners to advanced. These mornings are about community, fun, fitness, friendships and laughter – lots and lots of laughter!

What are you waiting for? Get out and get moving with us!




Workshop: Dutch Acro in Dubai

Niko Douwes has left his mark on our Dubai community for a number of years, leading some fantastic and powerful workshops covering anything we need and didn’t realize that we need!

Thrilled to have had him back in November 2015, when he took us through Handstands, Foot to Hand, Hand to Hand, Washing Machines and Dance Acro.

Honestly – there isn’t a better way to exhaust yourself and feel a total body workout than to commit yourself to these sessions.




AcroYoga Summer Explosion

Wow! Just, wow!

Our humble Friday AcroYoga sessions continued over Summer. Anyone who has a remote idea about Dubai will know that it would be impossible to continue these outdoors due to the heat.

So we found a studio willing to donate their space (two, actually – Mantra Fitness kept us until renovations meant that we needed to move. Inspire Yoga and Pilates was then kind enough to house us).

Thankfully these studios had PLENTY of space, because what we did NOT foresee is how many people would enjoy and join these sessions!

46 people. We ended on a high of 46 people before it cooled down and we moved the classes back outdoors.

We had a regular attendance of around 35. This meant that our community flourished, we met so many new people and introduced them to acro, AND we could continue to support the charities that the class donations go to.

All in all, a truly fantastic Summer 2014 for Acro in Dubai!





AcroYoga: Flying Therapeutics

We’re so excited for the AcroYoga Lunar Immersion that is coming in October!

We held the second General Immersion that Dubai has seen earlier this year & have been dying to bring the more advanced Lunar Immersion & Solar Immersion.

Result! Details can be found here.

Sandy & I filmed some Therapeutic Flying a little while ago. Here’s a vid detailing some of the moves & the beauty behind it.

AcroYoga: The Mermaid

When it comes to AcroYoga, many people start off noticing the Flyer and wanting to be a Flyer. The base is an unsung hero (and the spotter is the invisible third!). Without a capable base, a Flyer is nothing.

Amanda is part of our Phoenix Rising team. As a group, we offer a range of wellness services. Her focus is Pilates and she excels in the area of injury rehabilitation.

Her focus is NOT AcroYoga, to our deep despair! It’s no longer her first love? I’m not sure if it ever was, but that’s irrelevant – she’s such an amazing base that we really, truly, wish it was!

Recently we had some playtime to work on The Mermaid. And Amanda, like always, based like a champ.

Celebrating Amanda! Enjoy.