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AcroYoga in Dubai

It’s been 4 years since I took my first AcroYoga class. A long time ago & a lot of AcroYoga teaching since then, for probably 3 years (& virtually every Friday for 2 of them?!)

I haven’t been doing a lot of teaching in the last 10 months, mostly because of the intensive attention required to study the NeuroMyoFascial course that I’m busy with.

But this Summer I’ve co-taught a few sessions again & it’s been really interesting for me to view the use & safety of students bodies in AcroYoga through the lens of the information that I have now.



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Filming, though we’re not quite famous!

April every year is when the film industry seems to come alive with the need for Yogi’s in the backdrop of an advert for Dubai. So I feel like I could add ‘casting recruiter’ & ‘cast management’ to my resume – there’s been enough experience!

The reality of it is a couple of hours of hanging around to repeat the same sequence over & over, yelling the instructions for poses & counting down the hold to synchronise everyones movements in a very un-yoga like way!

And trying to stay warmed up throughout because the next day you are guaranteed to feel what it is like to be pushing into your full range in a body that wasn’t steadily built up to that point.

And probably the MOST important piece of information is – don’t get hung up on where you are positioned & what role you are playing. It’s a 10 second advert, max, & we are the background… which means IF you feature, it’s 0.5 of a flitting second at most!
It’s a good ego check to realise you put in 4 hours of ‘pause – repeat – pause – repeat’ only to be a blur behind the main act! But tons of fun none-the-less!




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Sunrise with Romi

I’ve worked with Romi for almost two years, twice a week, doing a sunrise 6 – 7am session from a beautiful location on The Palm. It’s a magical way to feel connected to nature & the bigger picture of ‘Earth’ & your place in it.

What I can tell you is that some times of the year has whispy clouds & the sunrise feels like a Matisse watercolour. At other times, its bold & juicy colours. Of course, being on the edge of the desert, there are times of the year when the sky colours are muted, & other times when we watch the mornings become more & more crisp as we move towards Winter.

Romi’s sessions are a Yoga / Pilates fusion & she uses them to compliment her cycling. There’s a super amount of strength that we get to build in arm & core, but we can easily monitor the amount of work stress in her life by checking back & shoulders 😉



Dubai Yogafest 2015

It’s YogaFest time! Hanging with our ‘Omies on the Media City lake on 20 and 21 February.

Yogafest is a free sustainable community event in Dubai that brings teachers and students together to support great causes in the outdoor setting of Media City. This year proceeds will be going to Palestinian Children’s Relief fund.

Phoenix Rising are back as sponsors and I’ll be teaching Partner Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage and AcroYoga sessions.

Find me at the following times:

Fri 10am – 11am: Family Tent – Partner Yoga
Fri 12 – 12:30pm: Family Tent – AcroYoga Demo
Fri 1pm – 2pm: Family Tent – Partner Yoga

Sat 10am – 11am: Family Tent – AcroYoga class
Sat 12 – 12:30pm: Main Stage – AcroYoga Demo
Sat 3pm – 4pm: Family Tent – Thai Yoga Massage




AcroYoga Summer Explosion

Wow! Just, wow!

Our humble Friday AcroYoga sessions continued over Summer. Anyone who has a remote idea about Dubai will know that it would be impossible to continue these outdoors due to the heat.

So we found a studio willing to donate their space (two, actually – Mantra Fitness kept us until renovations meant that we needed to move. Inspire Yoga and Pilates was then kind enough to house us).

Thankfully these studios had PLENTY of space, because what we did NOT foresee is how many people would enjoy and join these sessions!

46 people. We ended on a high of 46 people before it cooled down and we moved the classes back outdoors.

We had a regular attendance of around 35. This meant that our community flourished, we met so many new people and introduced them to acro, AND we could continue to support the charities that the class donations go to.

All in all, a truly fantastic Summer 2014 for Acro in Dubai!