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Yogalates Bliss Full Moon magic


For almost 3 years I’ve been teaching an outdoor class at Fraser Suites on the 7th floor by the pool. It’s a fusion of Yoga & Pilates & has produced wonderful discussions, debates, bodies, new faces, & students that I would consider friends.

It also provides the most beautiful space for a full moon session, seen here in this vid from last week…

Class details at


Sunrise with Romi

I’ve worked with Romi for almost two years, twice a week, doing a sunrise 6 – 7am session from a beautiful location on The Palm. It’s a magical way to feel connected to nature & the bigger picture of ‘Earth’ & your place in it.

What I can tell you is that some times of the year has whispy clouds & the sunrise feels like a Matisse watercolour. At other times, its bold & juicy colours. Of course, being on the edge of the desert, there are times of the year when the sky colours are muted, & other times when we watch the mornings become more & more crisp as we move towards Winter.

Romi’s sessions are a Yoga / Pilates fusion & she uses them to compliment her cycling. There’s a super amount of strength that we get to build in arm & core, but we can easily monitor the amount of work stress in her life by checking back & shoulders 😉



Standup Paddle Yoga

The beauty of a calm morning on the water…

I’ve had a weekly water session with a school mum for over a year & it’s hard to tell who treasures it most – her or I. SUP Yoga has so many lovely elements to it & the water in Dubai is absolutely perfect to allow for equal amounts of zen & Yoga work.

SUP Yoga is a particularly fun challenge because of the stability that’s called for. Standing on a moving surface means deeper connections in the body have to respond immediately to unpredictable variables, while still moving you through poses that call for strength & balance.

The secret to SUP is understanding your points of contact on the board, & understanding how you would progress through moves to introduce a new person in a way that inspires confidence to progress to less stable positions – two points of contact for poses like Warrior 2 or Triangle.

It takes a very calm day, calm mind, & connected body to work it onto one point of contact – Warrior 3 or even a headstand (well, headstand is technically 3 points of contact, so that’s a lot easier than it sounds if you have a confident practice of this pose on land).

Falling in? Optional. And depending on the weather & the waves, unavoidable or absolutely desirable!



Your Friday morning is ours!

Friday in Dubai – our favorite day of the week!

Every Friday we’re in Zabeel Park for our Open Air Yoga sessions. These mornings are about getting your flex and stretch fix in a class on the grass – 8:30 Yoga and 10am AcroYoga.

It’s more than that, though – our Teachers donate their time and in return, we ask for a donation of around 50aed which is split between a different group of charities every month.

Over the last 3 years that we’ve been active, classes have grown and we see many familiar faces sharing their presence.

All classes are suitable for beginners to advanced. These mornings are about community, fun, fitness, friendships and laughter – lots and lots of laughter!

What are you waiting for? Get out and get moving with us!




Sunrise sessions

My record for number of sunrises was Brazil 2007 – 6 in 10 days. Those were a little different though, as I’d seen the whole night through and the Samba beat was still ringing in my ears. One of the most special and energizing holidays of my life.

These days, my sunrises come after a good nights sleep and we’ll be witnessing them over Sun Salutes and Hatha flows.

My change in sleep patterns and appreciation for early waking came in 2009 when I moved back to South Africa, started my Yoga Teacher Training, and balanced this with a degree and a fascinating study into local cultures. It was a disciplined year – waking at 5:45am, reaching the beach by 6am, finishing personal Yoga practice by 7:30am, getting home, showered and to the office by 8am, finishing work at 5pm, lectures till 7pm and Yoga from 7:30pm – 9pm….. rinse and repeat. It was a lovely two years.

So now, in Dubai, I’m no longer stuck in an office. I get to do what I love. I get to be a little closer to nature in this very glitzy, manufactured place and to be reminded of the natural rhythm of the sun and the moon instead of the mall, the office or the traffic!