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Pilates equipment: Spine corrector

Part 1 of 5 posts to shed some light on the mysterious world of Pilates equipment. Because seriously – until starting this course I had no idea that any of this stuff existed & it took me more than a while to really begin to understand what to do with it & the benefits.

This is a Spine Corrector. It’s the simplest looking piece of equipment (aside from a Pilates mat, which is, well – a very normal looking gym mat) & one of the most unassuming. But it has one of the best feelings in the world.


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Yogalates Bliss Full Moon magic


For almost 3 years I’ve been teaching an outdoor class at Fraser Suites on the 7th floor by the pool. It’s a fusion of Yoga & Pilates & has produced wonderful discussions, debates, bodies, new faces, & students that I would consider friends.

It also provides the most beautiful space for a full moon session, seen here in this vid from last week…

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A gift of change…

I love to find a relevant & special gift for someone.

Without trying to be too sing-song about it, what keeps me loving this work is that every session I teach is with the approach of imparting a gift of some sort… relevant knowledge (an ‘aha!’ of how something is really beneficial), understanding a connection (‘oh THAT’s what it should feel like!’), insight, a delicious sequence or stretch, or something that is adding value to our time spent together.

So here’s a reminder that you might want to gift someone a session… Yoga, Pilates, AcroYoga. No matter their level, there is always insight to be had about the way that they move & what is happening in their pattern of movement.

How do you feel something better? Avoid pain or tightness? Improve performance or wellbeing through better flexibility, openness, breathing, strength, connectivity?

We can help with that. And an hour of undivided attention & specialised knowledge for the well-being of someone special to you? Well, that’s a perfect gift 🙂



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Sunrise with Romi

I’ve worked with Romi for almost two years, twice a week, doing a sunrise 6 – 7am session from a beautiful location on The Palm. It’s a magical way to feel connected to nature & the bigger picture of ‘Earth’ & your place in it.

What I can tell you is that some times of the year has whispy clouds & the sunrise feels like a Matisse watercolour. At other times, its bold & juicy colours. Of course, being on the edge of the desert, there are times of the year when the sky colours are muted, & other times when we watch the mornings become more & more crisp as we move towards Winter.

Romi’s sessions are a Yoga / Pilates fusion & she uses them to compliment her cycling. There’s a super amount of strength that we get to build in arm & core, but we can easily monitor the amount of work stress in her life by checking back & shoulders 😉