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AcroYoga in Dubai

It’s been 4 years since I took my first AcroYoga class. A long time ago & a lot of AcroYoga teaching since then, for probably 3 years (& virtually every Friday for 2 of them?!)

I haven’t been doing a lot of teaching in the last 10 months, mostly because of the intensive attention required to study the NeuroMyoFascial course that I’m busy with.

But this Summer I’ve co-taught a few sessions again & it’s been really interesting for me to view the use & safety of students bodies in AcroYoga through the lens of the information that I have now.



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Thai Yoga Massage Training 2014


5 Days of Thai Yoga Massage training with Julia Weis (Swadharma Yoga) and Almuth Kramer… how to explain the parallel universe that we experienced over this time?

There really aren’t words to describe this practice properly & the state of bliss that it takes you into… I already had an expectation & experience of what we were going to enjoy learning that would be different to straight-forward Thai Massage.

What surprised me the most was how well Julia & Almuth can explain the intangible qualities & have them appear in front of you & inside you through the exercises & activities that they have you do… this was excellent.

Because of this aspect, I’m amazed by how the training affected each of us so deeply. The techniques that you learn are blissful, but personal growth & awareness of yourself – exactly what you have to offer & how to share it – was a more valuable discovery than I wasn’t expecting!