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Anatomy Trains

Thomas Myers Anatomy Trains knowledge is fantastic. It’s what I’ve chosen to learn. It’s what I see making infinite sense as a lens to study movement through & to observe movement patterns.



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Sweet Summer Bliss!

And by that, I mean Yogalates Bliss! It’s been a hot & sweaty August doing these classes outdoors. We never appreciate the light breeze off the pool as much as we do during this month!

There’ve been some wonderfully committed faces turning up to almost every session & that shows some super dedication!

In the last week the humidity & temperature seem to be giving us a break. At this rate, September is NOT about to be the most humid month of the year, although there’s always a chance to prove us wrong!

This pic & post is in honour of the ones who brave the temperatures to keep giving to their bodies. And what you give to your body, it will give back to you.


AcroYoga alignment

I’ve hinted at enjoying being able to overlay new knowledge on top of Acro teachings, & this would involve a sit down conversation more than a few sentences here.

But, to the infinitely brilliant points of what I’ve been studying for the last 10 months (& prepping for, for 10 months before that) – I will mention that there is a crucial difference in my back between these two pictures, & the effect on core, back strain & tightness is crucial.



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It’s been 24 hours since the skeleton has come into my life. It’s been a month since the pooch, Dyson, arrived into our lives. And I’m happy to report that in spite of some very tempting wool & play dough plotting onto his bones, our pooch seems completely unfazed & with no appetite for learning through his jaws 🙂




Pelvis Presley

Nerd overdrive, perhaps, but I’m embracing it!

In less than 24 hours I’ve gone from lamenting the fact that I’m struggling to cement anatomy elements of the Anatomy Trains information in my mind, to finding a skeleton to be able to plot exactly that in 3-D ‘real’ visual learning. This IS my ultimate happiness right now – it feels like Christmas has come early & I have presents – plenty of presents – to unwrap!

So here is Pelvis Presley, a very generous loan from a wonderful teacher, who is about to revolutionise my learning!




Neuromyofascia training in Zurich

My home for the last 3 weeks, day in, day out. Fascia in Motion in Zurich is home to some expert knowledge & a specialised approach to using Pilates to influence Fascia health & movement in the body.

As part of my CPM Neuromyofascia training, this is where I’m spending some solid weeks of my Summer & it’s frikkin brilliant! Every piece of equipment here is what we have to explore to it’s finest detail with some of the most incredibly knowledgeable & astute teachers that I’ve ever met.

It’s a daily inspiration to have them pick us apart on all of it. This information is life-changing, career-changing, teacher-changing, treatment-changing. But takes forever to process & absorb!! I probably have another year left to keep learning!




My reward: Photoshoot

After an entire shift in life & career 3 years ago, & 7 years of exploring & growing into the world of Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, AcroYoga, & now Neuromyofascia Pilates, I finally chose Heather Bonkers phenomenal photography talent as a gift to myself – first pro Yoga shoot 😊

Fresh off leading our second Bali Bliss Yoga retreat, it felt like the right moment to freeze frame & suspend the time & phase of the journey. I could never have anticipated this path & its capacity to fascinate & fulfill me daily!

Heather is in Bali for the Summer but also teaches in Abu Dhabi. She’s an effortless master of her art & I love the variety that she finds in poses, settings, & perspectives. Book her time & talent – you’re worth it & she certainly is, too!



Bali retreat 2016: Inspired by nature!

The Menjangan Resort in Pemuteran was our location for the Bali Bliss Yoga Retreat of 2016. It was nothing short of incredible!

What kind of sunrises & sunsets greet us in the North of Bali? I get to arrive a little earlier than our participants to make sure that set up is ready for a seamless start to the session. Bonus? Seeing the full sunrise colours from start to finish!

This is a taste of our beautiful Yoga spaces that we had for our 7am & 5:30pm classes. On the few nights that it rained, we were indoors with transparent plastic walls – perfect to hear the sounds of the forest as it came awake to water!

Morning had us inhaling the lush green canopy below our Yoga deck, with a private breakfast set up for us in the same space straight after we finished.

Our sunset view was overlooking the sea & volcanoes of Java – enough nature & beauty of the earth to inspire us during every breath & move!

Bali is always paradise. Every time I wonder how we’ll find anything to top the experience, & the following year magic happens all over again! Plans for 2017 are already in the making…


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