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Yogalates Bliss Full Moon magic


For almost 3 years I’ve been teaching an outdoor class at Fraser Suites on the 7th floor by the pool. It’s a fusion of Yoga & Pilates & has produced wonderful discussions, debates, bodies, new faces, & students that I would consider friends.

It also provides the most beautiful space for a full moon session, seen here in this vid from last week…

Class details at


AcroYoga in Dubai

It’s been 4 years since I took my first AcroYoga class. A long time ago & a lot of AcroYoga teaching since then, for probably 3 years (& virtually every Friday for 2 of them?!)

I haven’t been doing a lot of teaching in the last 10 months, mostly because of the intensive attention required to study the NeuroMyoFascial course that I’m busy with.

But this Summer I’ve co-taught a few sessions again & it’s been really interesting for me to view the use & safety of students bodies in AcroYoga through the lens of the information that I have now.



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Training the dog is training yourself…

Butter would not melt in this mouth! To be honest, it wouldn’t have a chance because he’d grab it & rip it up so quickly, wrapping & all! Our pooch is named Dyson for a reason – he vacuums up everything on sight.

We’re having faith that will change with time. In fact, many things are slowly starting to change with time. He’s a blank canvas & our habits are what is beginning to shape him, & this is interesting – very interesting.

I’ve never owned a pooch.

I’ve been winging it, & then I realised I needed to wing it a little better, & then I realised that I might need to go back to the drawing board on a few things. And then I realise that crucial to those ‘few things’ was seeing my habits clearly before trying to influence his…

Does this relate to Yoga? Movement? Obviously! Or not so obviously, until you pull your head out the sand!


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Bali retreat 2016: On top of the Yoga…

A retreat is many things:

  • Escaping routine & transporting yourself away from one reality to treat yourself with another.
  • Leaving behind regular stresses that affect body & mind.
  • Taking a step back to assess who you are, how you are doing, & what it may be time to let go of or what you may want to encourage more of in your life.
  • Or it could simply be about escape, relaxation, new conversations, & fun!

It’s also about the body being able to open, move, & embrace different activities without
returning to stress states.

The island of Bali is perfect for this & our location choice this year, The Menjangan Resort in the Menjangan National Forest reserve, was absolutely ideal. By the end of the week, every cell in our bodies had been opened through Yoga, deeper breathing, laughter, & a host of other activities that we like to include for our participants:

  • snorkeling
  • horse riding
  • trail walking
  • massage
  • canoe trips
  • diving
  • healthy food!

Some pictures of the other elements of the retreat that filled in the space between our morning & evening Yoga sessions.

Leading this retreat was (& is always!) an absolute highlight of my year &, though we cherry pick the location every year, it’s almost as if the participants are specially chosen, too – simply as those who seize the moment to respond to the calling & join us!

Every sight, sound, breath, move, class, meal, walk, conversation, & person was something to treasure & file away in a very, very rich memory bank!




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Bali retreat 2016: Inspired by nature!

The Menjangan Resort in Pemuteran was our location for the Bali Bliss Yoga Retreat of 2016. It was nothing short of incredible!

What kind of sunrises & sunsets greet us in the North of Bali? I get to arrive a little earlier than our participants to make sure that set up is ready for a seamless start to the session. Bonus? Seeing the full sunrise colours from start to finish!

This is a taste of our beautiful Yoga spaces that we had for our 7am & 5:30pm classes. On the few nights that it rained, we were indoors with transparent plastic walls – perfect to hear the sounds of the forest as it came awake to water!

Morning had us inhaling the lush green canopy below our Yoga deck, with a private breakfast set up for us in the same space straight after we finished.

Our sunset view was overlooking the sea & volcanoes of Java – enough nature & beauty of the earth to inspire us during every breath & move!

Bali is always paradise. Every time I wonder how we’ll find anything to top the experience, & the following year magic happens all over again! Plans for 2017 are already in the making…


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A gift of change…

I love to find a relevant & special gift for someone.

Without trying to be too sing-song about it, what keeps me loving this work is that every session I teach is with the approach of imparting a gift of some sort… relevant knowledge (an ‘aha!’ of how something is really beneficial), understanding a connection (‘oh THAT’s what it should feel like!’), insight, a delicious sequence or stretch, or something that is adding value to our time spent together.

So here’s a reminder that you might want to gift someone a session… Yoga, Pilates, AcroYoga. No matter their level, there is always insight to be had about the way that they move & what is happening in their pattern of movement.

How do you feel something better? Avoid pain or tightness? Improve performance or wellbeing through better flexibility, openness, breathing, strength, connectivity?

We can help with that. And an hour of undivided attention & specialised knowledge for the well-being of someone special to you? Well, that’s a perfect gift 🙂



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Filming, though we’re not quite famous!

April every year is when the film industry seems to come alive with the need for Yogi’s in the backdrop of an advert for Dubai. So I feel like I could add ‘casting recruiter’ & ‘cast management’ to my resume – there’s been enough experience!

The reality of it is a couple of hours of hanging around to repeat the same sequence over & over, yelling the instructions for poses & counting down the hold to synchronise everyones movements in a very un-yoga like way!

And trying to stay warmed up throughout because the next day you are guaranteed to feel what it is like to be pushing into your full range in a body that wasn’t steadily built up to that point.

And probably the MOST important piece of information is – don’t get hung up on where you are positioned & what role you are playing. It’s a 10 second advert, max, & we are the background… which means IF you feature, it’s 0.5 of a flitting second at most!
It’s a good ego check to realise you put in 4 hours of ‘pause – repeat – pause – repeat’ only to be a blur behind the main act! But tons of fun none-the-less!




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Sunrise with Romi

I’ve worked with Romi for almost two years, twice a week, doing a sunrise 6 – 7am session from a beautiful location on The Palm. It’s a magical way to feel connected to nature & the bigger picture of ‘Earth’ & your place in it.

What I can tell you is that some times of the year has whispy clouds & the sunrise feels like a Matisse watercolour. At other times, its bold & juicy colours. Of course, being on the edge of the desert, there are times of the year when the sky colours are muted, & other times when we watch the mornings become more & more crisp as we move towards Winter.

Romi’s sessions are a Yoga / Pilates fusion & she uses them to compliment her cycling. There’s a super amount of strength that we get to build in arm & core, but we can easily monitor the amount of work stress in her life by checking back & shoulders 😉



Standup Paddle Yoga

The beauty of a calm morning on the water…

I’ve had a weekly water session with a school mum for over a year & it’s hard to tell who treasures it most – her or I. SUP Yoga has so many lovely elements to it & the water in Dubai is absolutely perfect to allow for equal amounts of zen & Yoga work.

SUP Yoga is a particularly fun challenge because of the stability that’s called for. Standing on a moving surface means deeper connections in the body have to respond immediately to unpredictable variables, while still moving you through poses that call for strength & balance.

The secret to SUP is understanding your points of contact on the board, & understanding how you would progress through moves to introduce a new person in a way that inspires confidence to progress to less stable positions – two points of contact for poses like Warrior 2 or Triangle.

It takes a very calm day, calm mind, & connected body to work it onto one point of contact – Warrior 3 or even a headstand (well, headstand is technically 3 points of contact, so that’s a lot easier than it sounds if you have a confident practice of this pose on land).

Falling in? Optional. And depending on the weather & the waves, unavoidable or absolutely desirable!