Corporate Classes


Dubai can be an unbearably stressful existence during the 9am to what – 5pm? 9pm? 12am? 2am? Into weekends? I love to teach corporates because I’ve ‘been there, felt that’.

During my corporate days, Yoga became more & more essential to help me hold onto sanity, remain productive, find balance & stay physically & mentally healthy.

As Yoga became a bigger part of my life, I found myself stretching at my desk, stretching while waiting for clients, stretching when working late, stretching when I got home at night – anything to provide some movement & stress relief.

I had my short stretches, long stretches, favourite stretches & ‘value for money’ stretches…

Eventually, I was looking across the rows of desks at everyone else, wondering when last they got to break their body out of the mould of sitting behind a desk. It began to drive me a little crazy to think that they probably weren’t having the chance to do so.

In my corporate yoga classes we breathe, we move, we start to unwind the body & the mind. We start to explore what can be done any time of the day & how to start improving the physical condition that we currently have.

If we can be inspired in our approach to ourselves, we can change our approach to our work.

From beginners to those who might be a little physically fitter – there is something to learn & some way to personally benefit. Do some at-the-desk relaxation or get fit where you sit… but MOVE.




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