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Winter workshop season 2014

It sounds crazy to consider 38 degrees in September as the start of the Winter season but this is when temperatures start to drop in the UAE – finally!

We have a wide range of workshops & trainings happening over the Winter season starting with Thai Yoga Massage Workshops at Zen Yoga. Three workshop opportunities to learn why this practice is called the ‘sacred dance’… as a practitioner, you are moving through yoga asanas while leading your receiver into passive yoga poses… bet you didn’t know that? And how does it work, exactly…. and once you enter into a state of moving and being moved…?

If you are a teacher or student of yoga, dance, pilates or any form of movement… this is for YOU.

Bookings can be made through Zen Yoga – 275 aed for 3 hours of bliss & a very relaxing way to spend your Friday afternoon!


AcroYoga: Flying Therapeutics

We’re so excited for the AcroYoga Lunar Immersion that is coming in October!

We held the second General Immersion that Dubai has seen earlier this year & have been dying to bring the more advanced Lunar Immersion & Solar Immersion.

Result! Details can be found here.

Sandy & I filmed some Therapeutic Flying a little while ago. Here’s a vid detailing some of the moves & the beauty behind it.

AcroYoga: The Mermaid

When it comes to AcroYoga, many people start off noticing the Flyer and wanting to be a Flyer. The base is an unsung hero (and the spotter is the invisible third!). Without a capable base, a Flyer is nothing.

Amanda is part of our Phoenix Rising team. As a group, we offer a range of wellness services. Her focus is Pilates and she excels in the area of injury rehabilitation.

Her focus is NOT AcroYoga, to our deep despair! It’s no longer her first love? I’m not sure if it ever was, but that’s irrelevant – she’s such an amazing base that we really, truly, wish it was!

Recently we had some playtime to work on The Mermaid. And Amanda, like always, based like a champ.

Celebrating Amanda! Enjoy.

Street Art Gallery Opening

Yoga in an art space – my new favorite thing.

Street Art Gallery opened this week and Yogalates Bliss was invited to be part of a ladies afternoon.

Was an opportunity to see the gallery, meet some of their luxury clientele, and to provide a Yogalates demo and explanation about Yoga, Pilates and the benefits of fusing both practices together into a core workout session.

There are moments where I’m reminded that Yoga and Pilates – movement – can be a very foreign concept to those who have never seen it before, and that it can appear to be very complex, intimidating and unattainable.

When we have the good fortune to be involved in these practices daily and as part of our full time work, it’s so important to remember that there are others that are on the other extreme of the scale – they have no connection to physical movement (and quite possibly no strength and flexibility) at all.

It’s not that tough to imagine. This used to be me.

So this is why a simple afternoon is such a great opportunity to connect, explain and welcome curiosity.

Being the one to do Sun Salutes, Triangle, Boat, Side Planks and Headstands in the middle of this space suits me well.

I like afternoons in a gallery with locals. And the gallery itself is gorgeous!


Flying the 500

Step Up Walk 2012 at Yas Marina circuit was probably a ‘first’ as an AcroYoga experience…

The Step Up Diabetes Walk is an annual family day.

The United Arab Emirates has a sizable number of people who suffer from diabetes, so the event was designed to make the participants aware of how to prevent the disease. The organizers wanted people to know that regular exercise, such as walking, can help them to avoid diabetes.

Aside from walking the Yas Marina circuit, there were 6 other activities that participants had to complete. Each of these provided more information about preventing diabetes or gave them an opportunity to do a physical exercise. They had to collect 6 stamps – one for completing each activity.

Our contribution? Giving each participant a chance to experience an AcroYoga flight in return for their 6th stamp… There were 5 of us and 500 (at least!) of them! And they came in all shapes and sizes…

My body has never been worked so hard! Essentially, we were just bench-pressing people… one after the other, whoever was enthusiastic and curious enough to try. It was fun, it was exhilarating, it was laugh after laugh and smiling face after smiling face.

For me, the best part was the access that it gave us to Local and traditional Arabs – those we would never ordinarily meet and who would never ordinarily try to ‘fly’.

By the end of it, we were shredded, exhausted and a little richer. My muscles have never ached as much as they did.

All in all, fabulous!









12 Days of Sticky Rice

Lahu Village in the jungles of Northern Thailand. The place that gave us such pleasures as dub-step pig grunts; squat toilets (or nothing); endless parades of ants; constant traffic of chickens, pigs and dogs; and sunrise wake-up calls with half doodling cockerels.

….that gave us characters such as our heartbroken neighbor practising her Thai karaoke in the shack next door during our meditations; the ‘banana-papaya-cooking’ salesman persistently flogging his home-made knives and bracelets; Jakkur, village bachelor who once fell in love with a Canadian girl that taught him how to drink whisky (‘For that week, I brushed my teeth every morning and took a shower every day’); and Mama, ruler of the kitchen, protector of tin mugs and banisher of all things coconut.

…..and of course, gems such as, ‘Maybe we wash blankets today’ – ‘How will you dry them?’ – ‘In the sun’ – ‘But there’s no sun. Only rain’ – ‘Sun is coming. We asked’. And a random concern about leaving shoes outside…. ‘I wonder if the dogs are marking their territory in my shoes? Every morning I wake up and they’re wet….’.

So humid, my laptop was disabled. What brought us together? An excellent course.

Pumpkin soup will never be the same. It was a pleasure to hunt out-of-date Oreos with you all. May the plinks of the Lahu guitar and the sound of Dubbayoo live in your ears forever……..













Yoga Pilates with Kim Aguilar Danoher