When I found AcroYoga in 2012 it was love at first flight. Two years later I’ve walked the patient & exciting road to qualify as an Acroyoga teacher.
AcroYoga is a mix of partner Acrobatics, Thai massage, & Yoga.
It builds a practice of the understanding of trust – trust within the body, trust within the community, and trust in the fact that it’s a lot of fun to do these amazing things you never thought you’d be able to do.
No experience in any of these disciplines is necessary to start. It has spread internationally & opens you up to yourself, to ‘movement’ & to community.
  • Physically, AcroYoga dramatically improves your core strength, arm strength, balance & flexibility.
  • Emotionally, it is an experience of opening yourself to trust yourself & to trust others. It’s empowering to realise how you are capable of moving your body & someone elses.
  • Mentally, it heightens your awareness & understanding of how you move & relate with others.
  • It’s 100% guaranteed to bring an enormous smile to your face & a large part of the core workout comes from collapsing with laughter as you work together.
  • Life is less serious when you’re in the air & upside down!
  • It’s likely that you’ll carry this happiness & healthiness into other parts of your life.
If you haven’t tried AcroYoga then you are really, really missing out!
You’ll see the pictures & you’ll probably think you can’t do it or that it looks too difficult. News flash – you can & it’s not & it’s open to everyone & every level.
And that’s 80% of the fun right there – how amazed will you be to discover this new way that your body can move & what it can do with a little help from others?
If you’re like me & a lot of other people, you might dive right in to find out what else is possible & never look back.
Perfect for workshops, classes, team building & community building. 

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