PreNatal & PostNatal Yoga

Pregnancy is a very interesting time and a very personal experience.

Yoga is a very effective tool to compliment the changes that are happening in your body and your mind. It’s amazing to see how Yoga will be adapted during the different trimesters and post-pregnancy to suit you and your development.



At different stages of pregnancy it can be used to relax, strengthen, soothe, release muscle strain, assist breathing for labor and connect you with your child and with the changes in your body.

Typically, there will be a lot of communication between teacher and student to be able to personalize each session, monitor changes and adapt the class to energy levels.


The goals for POSTNATAL Yoga may be entirely different to PRENATAL and call for a different approach to helping the new mom open areas of tightness, regain strength and, sometimes, moments of sanity!



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