SUP Yoga

Yoga bliss on the water… not to be missed, if you have a chance!

With it’s calm sea, blue skies, and eternal sunshine, SUP Yoga has become very popular in Dubai.

These classes involve rental of a Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) board. Once we have your balance under control – and this is a lot easier than some people may expect – we’ll head out and attach to a bouy, put aside the paddles and start our flow session on the board.

A few easy instructions and explanations make this challenging style of Yoga fun and accessible. Stabilizer and core muscles are strongly activated. You may prefer to keep it to low poses on the board or we can advance to standing positions and inversions, depending on your level.

Determination and a cool breeze will carry you through to the end and we finish with a relaxing savasana that is even more blissful on the water!

Falling in is NOT a guarantee as classes range from mild to intense… but you may want to jump in halfway through and it’s definitely worth having a swim after!


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