Group Classes

Sarah & Ben Lily
August 2014 – Yogalates Bliss Group Classes – Fraser Suites, Dubai
‘I just wanted to say how much my husband and I enjoyed yogalates last night! Kim was wonderful, after she introduced herself she took a couple of minutes with us quietly explaining a few of the moves which my husband really appreciated given he had never done anything like this before. Throughout the lesson Kim explained the positions really well. I am so pleased we went as this is a lovely thing that my husband and I can do together and it will be so good for his stress levels!’
Max Ghass
August 2014 – Hatha Yoga – Bodyworx Gym, Dubai
I am a participant of yoga classes and practicing regularly yoga with different instructors. I love to attend Kim’s classes and like her style of teaching very much. Compared to other yoga classes that I have been in, Kim has been one of the best instructor that I have had so far. She has a deep empathy and understanding of her students bodies, limitations, injuries, strengths, and will work with you to help you deepen your practice. Kim has a knack for giving constructive feedback regarding different poses. She makes the classes challenging without giving you the impression that you failed if you cannot do the pose. I highly recommend attending classes with her.
Amanda Rushforth, Editor
July 2014 – Yogalates Bliss Group Classes – Fraser Suites, Dubai
I came to Fraser Suites hearing about an outdoor yoga-lates session, after my regular beachside Vinyasa hotspot was postponed for the summer. I discovered a small yet hearty group of yogi’s, hailing from all backgrounds, with one thing in mind… to improve their physical and mental well-beings. My aim was to further my own practice, under the help and guidance of Kim Danoher, who’s classes in Safa park on a Friday are extremely well attended. 
Kim’s teaching method is hands on and very attentive, which is why i haven’t been back to my original class since, i’m completely sold by the movement/strengthening and stretching techniques that Kim uses. I feel a lot more awake after each class and am able to push myself further within it, knowing that Kim will make sure if i’m not in line. I have since brought all my friends to the classes too, with most of them returning week after week just like me.
Andrita Malik
March 2014 – Yogalates Bliss Group Classes – Fraser Suites, Dubai
I still remember my first class with Kim…she has this amazing ability to make you feel completely at home from the word go and her energy exudes with positivity flavoured with a fabulous sense of  humour that keeps you smiling like a cheshire cat through most of the class ( except when we are struggling with some tree pose -side plank of hers :). I always say that some of the best qualified teachers may not be the best intructors…..with Kim – you get lucky; with her clarity of instruction and her constant personal attention to your body’s detail and posture…the personality and happy energy are the icing on the cake!! Kim makes you feel like you are the only one in class with her whilst still enjoying the ambience and energy of a group session.Kim’s classes are filled with positive energy, thoughtfulness, fun and she forms the core of the value proposition of this class which brings with it a great setting by the poolside of Fraser Suites at a convenient time, post office hours at 7:15 pm. Kim brings with her a special personal touch (literally – she actually provides a bonus yoga massage at the end of each class during the guided meditation part) along with clarity in positive thought and action. Her words are always encouraging of us trying to work “with”our bodies rather than against it and I couldnt recommend this class more for anyone who wants to try Yoga or Pilates for the first time or the nth time!
Cidgem Koyuturk
December 2013 – Yogalates Group Classes, Dubai
 ‘Prior to joining YogalatesBliss, I was suffering lower back pain, and at times, I couldn’t even move when sleeping. However, after a few sessions, the pain dissipated and my body felt stronger and more balanced. Our new trainer Kim’s style in teaching has also made a huge difference, as she makes sure that we properly do our poses and endly peacefully with meditation. I began using muscles in my body not previously worked, and found myself more peaceful and rested at the end of each session. In addition, having the sessions outdoors allowed me to get some fresh air and escape the artificial environments we all have become accustomed to here in Dubai. Yoga has now become an integral part life of my life’.

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