Private classes

Kate Cummins
April 2014 – Private Yoga, Dubai
 ‘I’m feeling great! I just did a session with my Personal Trainer and I feel like my body and form is already stronger thanks to the yoga. I’m so into it already! It’s great to have this awareness of my body and how it moves – alignment, tightness, softness and consciously relaxing while another part of the body is working!’
Kate Cummins
July 2014 – Private Yoga, Dubai
‘I haven’t even used the treadmill this week and my fiance has been doing no exercise except yoga and both of us keep losing weight! We eat healthily but I still have my dark chocolate and red wine most days and he still has chocolate and the odd bag of crisps and we are not piling on any pounds! We are officially yoga converts for life! It has been a pleasure doing yoga since we started in February. I always look forward to our sessions!’

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