Thai Yoga Massage


AT ZEN YOGA, Emirates Hills

26 Sept, 14 Nov & 19 Dec, 2 – 5pm

Cost: 275 aed

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage brings the receiver into a deep state of full relaxation as they are moved through various yoga positions passively and energy lines are opened, rebalancing the system.

Often referred to as the sacred dance, the giver will smoothly transition from one posture to another as the receiver floats into bliss.

Covered in this workshop:

  • The principles of Thai Yoga Massage
  • Short Asana to prepare the body
  • Using your body correctly – understanding perpendicular lines & working without strain
  • Thai Yoga Massage demonstration
  • Giving a one hour Thai Yoga Massage (this will be a led session with the teacher talking you through it)
  • Receiving a one hour Thai yoga Massage



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