Sweet Summer Bliss!

And by that, I mean Yogalates Bliss! It’s been a hot & sweaty August doing these classes outdoors. We never appreciate the light breeze off the pool as much as we do during this month!

There’ve been some wonderfully committed faces turning up to almost every session & that shows some super dedication!

In the last week the humidity & temperature seem to be giving us a break. At this rate, September is NOT about to be the most humid month of the year, although there’s always a chance to prove us wrong!

This pic & post is in honour of the ones who brave the temperatures to keep giving to their bodies. And what you give to your body, it will give back to you.



Training the dog is training yourself…

Butter would not melt in this mouth! To be honest, it wouldn’t have a chance because he’d grab it & rip it up so quickly, wrapping & all! Our pooch is named Dyson for a reason – he vacuums up everything on sight.

We’re having faith that will change with time. In fact, many things are slowly starting to change with time. He’s a blank canvas & our habits are what is beginning to shape him, & this is interesting – very interesting.

I’ve never owned a pooch.

I’ve been winging it, & then I realised I needed to wing it a little better, & then I realised that I might need to go back to the drawing board on a few things. And then I realise that crucial to those ‘few things’ was seeing my habits clearly before trying to influence his…

Does this relate to Yoga? Movement? Obviously! Or not so obviously, until you pull your head out the sand!


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Mastering volcano action!

We interrupt these Yoga-centric posts with this – Volcano pics & a movement observation that was really relevant for me.

Last year Andres planned to propose at the top of the Ijen crater in Java when I mentioned that our retreat group was eager to do the trek from Bali to the summit.

Once our group realised how this would, in all probability, be an all night adventure starting at 11pm on the Bali side & ending at 11am back in our beds, we decided to give it a skip.

The proposal was no less special but in the back of our minds, Andres & I were still keen to own this experience one day.

Fast forward a year later – 2016 Bali Bliss Yoga Retreat was the perfect opportunity to take a few days to ourselves afterwards & make sure we ticked this one off for Andres’ 40th. It was absolutely worth it & a unique experience.  Summiting at night is a must – very Lord of the Rings when you go into the crater!

From a physical point of view, it wasn’t the longest climb although there were some prolonged steep moments. I’ve never been much of a climber, having abandoned Table Mountain 20 minutes after starting in 2000 & feeling like a heart attack was imminent in the first 40min of climbing up Lions Head in 2008. I was nervous about getting up this one.

Here’s what saved me… (looking at the pics, a smart arse would probably say ‘the gas mask’, but we had to get up there first!)

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